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Dedicated and virtual servers in the USA

Dedicated and virtual servers in the USA

Looking for a reliable and affordable dedicated server for gaming or web services in the United States? It’s time to turn your attention to locations, configurations, features and connectivity of our hosting in North America.

Excellent connectivity in the USA

Thanks to our new peering partners and optimization of network routes, G‑Core Labs has achieved excellent connectivity in the United States. The average response time across the country is 29 ms.

Dedicated and virtual servers in the USA
Response time in the USA by the median (50th percentile)

Dedicated servers in the USA from $170.25 a month

Dedicated and virtual servers in the USA

In Chicago, Ashburn, Miami and our newest location in Santa Clara G‑Core Labs offers 20 TB of traffic for free with any dedicated server.

If necessary, additional traffic packages of up to 330 TB are available.

Dedicated and virtual servers in the USA

It is also possible to connect high-speed channels of up to 100 Gbps in the USA.

Virtual servers in the USA from $3.70

A virtual server with minimal configuration in Santa Clara with no traffic restrictions is available for just $3.70 a month.

Dedicated and virtual servers in the USA

Server protection against DDoS attacks at each location

G‑Core Labs protects the dedicated servers purchased from us in the United States against DDoS attacks at the network, transport and application layers (L3, L4, L7). To learn more about signing up for protection, see the page “Hosting Protection”.

Permanent free access to IPMI

We truly realize the importance of support in emergency situations. That is why we provide our customers with a permanent free access to IPMI of dedicated and virtual servers.

System has crashed? No worries, you can always reinstall it on the fly remotely via IPMI.

Automatic installation of the operating system

When ordering any server from us, you will save tons of time on installing the operating system. Most Unix and Windows systems are installed automatically after the server is ordered. Moreover, you can provide your ISO image and install the necessary operating system on your own.

Instant server activation

We have automated the purchasing process — the server is activated immediately after payment, so there is no need to wait.

Dedicated and virtual servers in the USA

Custom configurations

We have a wide selection of standard configurations that cover the needs of most customers.

But if you want something special — an additional drive, more memory or a special server — we will assemble it for you — in a quality and timely manner and at a feasible price.

24/7 technical support

Competent and responsive technical support will answer most technical questions in English, Russian or Chinese.

In case of emergency, we involve technical experts who promptly solve the problem.

Select the best dedicated or virtual server configurations in Santa Clara, Chicago, Ashburn or Miami.

Dedicated and virtual servers in the USA

Sign up for dedicated server DDoS protection and additional options and gratify your customers in the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean.

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