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Posted: 20.09.2017

We have opened a new location in Amsterdam, which provides only high-bandwidth server options (up to 100 Gbps bandwidth). And we decided to celebrate it with a super offer:

1. Order a 10 Gbps dedicated line and get a high-performance server (E5-1650v4-128G-2x1TB SSD + R + 2x10GbE or better) for free. It saves you €1 400 per year.

When ordering, use 1650-DISCOUNT-AMS promotional code. Sold Out!

Updated: When ordering, use 10GBPS-AMS new promotional code.

2. Order a 100 Gbps dedicated line and get a 20% off that is €3 000 per month.

When ordering, use 100GBPS-DISCOUNT-AMS promotional code.

Free server or 20% discount in a new high-bandwidth Amsterdam PoP

The offer is valid until 31 October 2017 if you purchase a dedicated line in Amsterdam, you can buy the service at a discount for 3, 6 and 12 months.

Hurry up, the offer is limited!

When ordering, use 10GBPS-AMS code

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