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G‑Core Labs Has Signed an Agreement to Acquire a Russian Company SkyparkCDN

We are happy to announce that G‑Core Labs has signed an agreement to acquire SkyparkCDN, a Russian company specializing in technologies for accelerating web services and protecting businesses against DDoS attacks.

The strategic goal of this merger is to increase the network's performance across the globe by integrating the infrastructures and, as a result, to make it into the top five CDN providers in 2018.

The near-term plan is to launch new points of presence in Seoul, Sydney, Vienna, São Paulo, Chicago, Seattle, and Los Angeles.

Along with the development of the network we plan to launch the new common platform. In the near future, it will all become available to the company's customers. The main feature of the platform is complete automation of the high-end tools for content management. As a result, our customers will be able to use the service straight away, without having to contact specialists from the sales department or engineers first.

Thank you for your trust. Now our service will become even stronger!

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