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Hosting in Russia: new VDS in Saint Petersburg

Customers choose our hosting in Russia and content delivery network thanks to the excellent connectivity across the country. In November-December 2019, the average response time in the Leningrad region was 10 ms.

Hosting in Russia: new VDS in Saint Petersburg
Response time in the Leningrad region by the median (50th percentile)

You can always use Looking Glass to check the connectivity for the locations you are interested in.

Virtual servers in Saint Petersburg from 3.25 € per month

Leasing a virtual server in Saint Petersburg with a basic configuration (1 vCPU, 20 GB SSD, 512 MB RAM, speed of 200 Mbps and unlimited traffic) will cost just 3.25 € per month.

Hosting in Russia: new VDS in Saint Petersburg

Advantages of our hosting in Saint Petersburg

Reliable data center

Virtual servers are installed in a certified Tier III data center.

Permanent free access to IPMI

We understand the importance of support in emergency situations. That is why we provide our customers with permanent free access to IPMI.

System crashed? No worries, you can always reinstall it on the fly remotely via IPMI.

Hosting in Russia: new VDS in Saint Petersburg

Automatic installation of the operating system

When ordering any server from us, you will save tons of time on installing the operating system. Most Unix and Windows systems are installed automatically after the server is ordered. Moreover, you can provide your own ISO image to install your preferred operating system.

Instant server activation

We have automated the purchasing process — the server is activated immediately after payment, so there is no delay.

24/7 technical support

Competent and responsive technical support will answer most technical questions in English, Russian, or Chinese.

In case of emergency, we involve technical experts who promptly solve the problem.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to lease the most optimal configurations of virtual servers in Saint Petersburg while they are still available.

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