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How we broadcasted 2018 FIFA World Cup

Major Russian broadcasters connected Media Platform (along with our own content delivery network) to withstand loads during broadcasting football matches of the Russian World Cup.

Now, our services have been officially tested for strength by millions of viewers of 2018 FIFA World Cup. Clients entrusted us to broadcast key football matches (with expensive advertising in breaks) and we justified their trust.

From June 14 to July 15, we transmitted tens of petabytes of football traffic while withstanding peaks during all key games.

Part of the broadcasts were transcoded and delivered starting from the beginning of the competition on June 14.

Some broadcasters have come to us expecting popularity gain in anticipation of playoff games.

How we broadcasted 2018 FIFA World Cup
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CDN and Media Platform by G‑Core Labs are able not only to provide stable live broadcasts for a vast audiences, but also to withstand traffic surges during global sporting events.

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