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How we get content from foreign origins blocked by Roskomnadzor

Due to large-scale blocking of the foreign IP addresses our customers faced with a variety of 5xx errors and, as a result, experienced degradation of their services.

Why is this happening?

When the content from Russia is requested, network balances the load among Russian CDN servers. These servers request content from the origin, but since IP address of the origin is blocked in Russia, they can’t get content from it, receiving 5xx errors.

What have we suggested?

When we started to encounter similar difficulties on a regular basis, we decided to shield such origins.

Our edge servers first reach pre-cache server having a European IP address. Pre-cache server gets content from the origin as usual, as it is not blocked for the European IP address.

Why do we help for free?

Normally, origin shielding is used as an extra protection against high load due to growth of requests from CDN servers and is a paid additional option of CDN. But in a difficult situation, we think that providing this service for free is a right thing to do.

To avoid depending on origins that have been blocked, we use our own pre-cache servers in Amsterdam and Frankfurt.

There are some of the messages we received in our tech support chat these days:

“Everything is good. Users got access to files. Thanks for the help.”

“Our resource was connected to the shield in Frankfurt, and it helped.”

“It has clearly got better. I’ve switched all the Russian traffic to G‑Core Labs.”

Feel free to migrate all of your traffic over to the CDN network. We know how to maintain availability of your content, even if your foreign IP addresses got blocked.

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