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New G-Core Labs Cloud region: Moscow

The first G-Core Labs Cloud location was launched in November 2019 in Luxembourg.

Now you can scale your IT infrastructure and accelerate the processes of developing, testing, and launching new products into the market using a new Cloud PoP in Moscow.

New G-Core Labs Cloud region: Moscow
G-Core Labs Cloud control panel

Head of G-Core Labs Cloud

Vsevolod Vayner

“The launch of a new Cloud PoP in Moscow is good news both for Russian clients, for whom the minimum response time of their services is critical, and for foreign companies that want to do business in Russia while complying with local legislation, including in the field of personal data storage”

Head of G-Core Labs Cloud

Vsevolod Vayner

Which features are already available

Build a virtual machine from your control panel in a few minutes: select your operating system, region, and hardware configuration, then set up the network and firewall.

Use ready-made images or import your own. Create snapshots to restore in case of emergency recovery.

Create virtual cloud networks and set up private clusters for computing or application isolation.

A load balancer is available in beta mode.

Transparent cost planning

Manage resources by rationally allocating them to projects (cost centers). Details on how resources are used for each project are available.

Prices for virtual machines can be found on the plans page. There you can personalize the cloud to fit your requirements before signing up for the service .

New G-Core Labs Cloud region: Moscow
Virtual machine configurator

Nearest plans for cloud development

Soon we will add the automatic deployment of Kubernetes clusters for container orchestration in addition to executing complete the integration of the platform for training and launching models in the field of artificial intelligence, as well as completing systems for processing big data based on Hadoop clusters.

New G-Core Labs Cloud region: Moscow

Deploy your projects with G-Core Labs Cloud to grow faster and cheaper.

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