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We entered the top 3 best cloud providers

Our Cloud is one of the three leaders in the ranking of global cloud providers. CNews Global Cloud 2021 was prepared by the IT marketplace Market.CNews.

What were the criteria for the ranking?

Market.CNews conducted extensive market research to compose an unbiased comparison of cloud providers. Vendors were compared on over 40 different criteria.

All these criteria can be combined into 8 major groups:

  • Vendor infrastructure development
  • Development of IaaS services
  • Development of PaaS services
  • The ability to create hybrid and private clouds
  • Availability of additional cloud services
  • Network infrastructure layer
  • Safety and reliability level
  • Customer focus

For each of these parameters, providers received a certain number of points. The points then were summed up, and the more the company had, the higher it finished in the ranking.

The top 5 cloud providers according to Market.CNews

Our Cloud placed third in the ranking, with only such world giants as AWS and Microsoft Azure ahead.

Rank Provider Points total
1 Amazon Web Services 654
2 Microsoft Azure 649
3 G‑Core Labs 573
4 LeaseWeb 542
5 OVH 535

CNews Global Cloud 2021CNews Global Cloud 2021 ranking summary table

CNews Global Cloud 2021 target

Based on the research, Market.CNews built a target that clearly shows what position a particular vendor occupies.

We entered the top 3 best cloud providers

The closer the provider is to the center of the target, the more balanced and optimal the service it offers. The deviations along the axes show the weak points of the vendors.

Why are we in the top 3?

Here are what Market.CNews noted as the major benefits of our Cloud:

  1. 11 locations on 5 continents
  2. Tier IV data centers
  3. Advanced IaaS and PaaS services
  4. High level of security
  5. Per-minute billing
  6. 24/7 technical support in different languages

We can only add to this that the prices for our cloud services are lower than those of many of our competitors. See for yourself:

We entered the top 3 best cloud providers

Find out more about our cloud services on the website. Or order a free consultation to find the best solution for your project.

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