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Network Engineer

Support & Maintenance
Moscow / Perm
What you will do:
  • Installing, configuring, testing, maintaining, monitoring, and troubleshooting the network, including planning and other activities reserved for the most complex network systems
  • Establishing network by evaluating network performance issues including availability, utilization, throughput, goodput, and latency; planning and executing the selection, installation, configuration, and testing of equipment; defining network policies and procedures; establishing connections and firewalls
  • Defining and implementing network disaster recovery and hardware
  • Providing assistance in planning for the future strategy of networks
Required Skills:
  • OS systems: FreeBSD (NAT, IPFW, Squid, MRTG, Syslog, BIND, FTP, Apache HTTP, Routing, NetFlow, TACACS, DHCP), IOS, IOS XR, EOS
  • Equipment: wide range of Cisco equipment running in IOS/XR/XE software, Arista 7x series, Juniper Mx series
  • Technology: TCP/IP, PPP, Ethernet, VLAN, VPN, EVPN, MPLS, CEF, IPv6
  • Routing: Rip, Rip v2, EIGRP, OSPF (both versions), BGP (IBGP, EBGP, MBGP, Flow Spec), PBR
  • Layer 2 protocols: STP (RSTP, MST, PVST), REP, Ether Channel (LACP, PAGP)
  • VLAN and trunking: VLAN, PVLAN, VTP, Dot1q, Q-in-Q, Cisco EVC
  • Security: ACL, IOS firewall, AAA, Dot1x, ASA
  • Tunneling: VPN (VPDN, IPsec [Remote, L2L], AToM, VPLS, MPLS L3vpn, GRE, L2TPV3, MPLS-TE, VXLAN), EVPN
  • QOS: marking (DSCP, COS, EXP); queuing: WFQ, CBWFQ, SRRQ, WRRQ; shaping, policing, WRED
  • Redundancy: HSRP, VRRP, GLBP, BFD, FRR
  • Programming: knowledge in Python is strongly appreciated
  • Knowledge of Russian (Native)
  • Knowledge of English (Intermediate)
Desired Skills:
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Python (intermediate level); ability to automate your stuff
  • CCNP certification or similar knowledge
  • 3 years of experience in networking (experience in internet service carrier is appreciated)
We offer:
  • Official employment
  • Competitive official salary (as declared to the candidate) from the first working day including the probation period
  • Wide opportunities for professional and career growth
  • Comfortable office in the center of the city
  • Enthusiastic and advanced team
  • Competent and skilled management
  • English language courses in the office
  • Excellent coffee, tea, fruit, vegetables, sandwiches in the office
  • Medical insurance (dental services included)

To apply, please forward your resume to