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How the Clean Traffic startup got global infrastructure with G‑Core Labs Cloud

Posted: 15.06.2021
Clean Traffic is a startup that provides a service for analyzing and improving the effectiveness of advertising campaigns with bloggers on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, and Twitch. The major advantage of Clean Traffic is that it detects atypical user behavior. The service solves three main issues that an advertiser faces when planning campaigns: 1. It helps to choose a blogger.
2. It provides tools for evaluating the productivity of a blogger.
3. It allows the advertiser to evaluate the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.
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    Minsk, Belarus

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    Advertising and Marketing

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The task

Clean Traffic’s audience is not limited to any region or country but rather located all over the world—from North America to Asia. In order to enable the project to quickly scale up in various markets, the company needed a provider with a wide geography of presence and a reliable infrastructure.

“At the stage of launching our project, we already understood how important it was to provide a service with high-quality infrastructure,” says Maxim Markovsky, CEO of Clean Traffic. “It was important for us to find a provider with global coverage. Initially, we had used the cloud infrastructure of a popular global provider to quickly deploy the service, but we ran into problems with the speed of our personal account and landing page.”

Users generate a significant load on Clean Traffic while working with their personal accounts when they request data on advertising campaigns. This information has to be provided as quickly as possible, so the company was looking for a cloud provider that would provide the service with two essential components:

1. Speed of work

CEO Clean Traffic

Maxim Markovsky

“If the customer requests a lot of data at once, the number of calls to the backend will be large,” explains Maxim Markovsky. “It’s one thing if a user has a one-day advertising campaign and a website with one thousand visitors, and quite another when they have a campaign on 3–4 platforms at once with several million visits. This requires complex analytics, and the question is how quickly it will be delivered. Accordingly, we needed a vendor with a better response time”

CEO Clean Traffic

Maxim Markovsky

2. Global infrastructure

The audience of the service is not limited geographically, so the company was looking for a vendor with servers all over the world.

Why they chose G-Core Labs Cloud

As a new startup, Clean Traffic was initially actively looking for infrastructure solutions that would not only satisfy their basic technical needs, but would also be affordable for the company.

“We participated in the startup program from G-Core Labs and received an infrastructure grant of $7,500,” says Maxim Markovsky. “As a result of testing the service, we came to the conclusion that the G-Core Labs servers met all our needs both in terms of global infrastructure and speed. After switching to the server facilities of G-Core Labs, our landing page began to load in 46 ms. We were over the moon.”

CEO Clean Traffic

Maxim Markovsky

“We are planning to launch the product far beyond the current market. This was one of the reasons for choosing G-Core Labs as a cloud provider: the company’s servers are located not only in Eastern Europe, but also in the USA, Asia, and South America. Going forward, this will enable us to scale quickly and grow in the markets we need, while meeting legal requirements for data storage and keeping the response time to a minimum”

CEO Clean Traffic

Maxim Markovsky

What technological advantages did Clean Traffic get?

  • Tier III–IV data centers with up to 100 Gbps channels.
  • Response times within 50 ms worldwide.
  • Migration assistance, and free consultations from engineers and architects.
  • Free 24/7 technical support.
Vice President
of Products at G-Core Labs

Sam Davis

“Today, every growing company on the internet needs high-quality hosting, a website that loads in a fraction of a second, and the ability to scale its IT infrastructure in a few clicks in the event of a load increase. Businesses can get a reliable and affordable infrastructure in the early stages of development as part of our startup support program”

Vice President
of Products at G-Core Labs

Sam Davis

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