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Thanks to G‑Core Labs, the Enaza Company managed to accelerate delivery of its media content by 43%

Posted: 25.12.2017

Thanks to G‑Core Labs, the Enaza Company managed to accelerate delivery of its media content by 43%. They improved the resource availability in remote regions and reduced the decline rate by 11%.

"The G‑Core Labs product helped us increase the speed in remote regions without any improvements to our platform"

Anton Larchenkov

CTO, Enaza


The company was founded in 2009. Currently, it is the top performer in the Russian market of aggregation and distribution of legal digital content.

Over 50,000 books, 5,000,000 music tracks, and 3,000 useful programs and mobile apps are listed in the Enaza catalog. The company entertainment portals’ audience totals over five million users in Russia and the CIS.


Though the company utilized the services provided by a western CDN operator, by the end of 2013, Enaza faced the problem of delivering its content to customers in remote Russian regions and other CIS countries. Thus, the company has decided to change their service provider.

Apart from delivering content to remote regions, the company also wanted to reduce the decline rate on its portals by at least 10% and decrease the CDN costs by 30%.

After screening the Russian market, Enaza’s management chose G‑Core Labs.


The intellectual core of G‑Core Labs selects the best server for deploying content to final customers as fast as possible via the HTTP and HTTPS protocols.

CTO, Enaza

Anton Larchenkov

“Download speed of the Enaza portals was much lower for remote regions and partners in the CIS region than for the central area. G‑Core Labs allowed us to basically negate this difference without the necessity to improve the architecture of our platform. Thanks to G‑Core Labs, the content download speed has increased by 43%. The decline rate has decreased from 52% to 41%. Do our customers make purchases more frequently today? Yes, they do. Besides this, we have reduced the CDN costs twofold. It is thanks to G‑Core Labs”

CTO, Enaza

Anton Larchenkov

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