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The GetCourse case study: delivering video tutorials to millions of viewers

Posted: 29.12.2020
GetCourse is an online platform which helps coaches, experts, and bloggers organize and market online and face-to-face courses, marathons, and conferences.
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How we solved the problem of accessibility to a popular online platform around the world

The platform was created in 2014. It combines tools for training management, webinars, sales, and customer communication (CRM) with a mailing service, a website builder and CMS, and a visual programming module for automating tasks, processes, and end-to-end analytics functions. It can also be integrated with social networks and instant messengers.

Today, the service is used by up to 3 million people daily.

Why does an online platform need a CDN?

Platform users post their paid video tutorials there for millions of viewers from Russia and the CIS, as well as from Europe, Asia, and Oceania.

If at least one student of an online school has paid tuition but can’t access the lesson for some reason, it’s a problem for the business that needs to be urgently addressed. That’s why it was a priority for GetCourse developers to ensure high-quality delivery of content anywhere in the world.

GetCourse co-owner and managing partner

Sergei Mikhailov

“Millions of users visit the GetCourse platform daily, and our main goal is to provide them with a high-quality product available around the world 24/7. This couldn’t have been achieved without a decent infrastructure that would allow us to forget about the problems of our service availability. Fortunately, G‑Core Labs solved this issue”

GetCourse co-owner and managing partner

Sergei Mikhailov

Why was the G‑Core Labs CDN chosen?

It took a long time for the GetCourse team to find a suitable CDN provider that could provide a platform with high-quality infrastructure around the world.

“The CDN was the perfect choice for our task. We tested the services of several vendors in Russia, but faced the issue of the availability of our services abroad,” says Sergei Mikhailov. “Then we tried one of the largest CDN providers in the world. Everything was great! However, there was a catch: with the petabytes of traffic that we distribute monthly, the services of the world leader turned out to be pricey.”

GetCourse kept looking for a solution that would suit them in all respects and decided to try out the G‑Core Labs CDN. “After talking to the contractor’s team and testing the service (which we launched in a record two days), we switched the first part of the traffic, and then 100 % of it,” adds Sergei Mikhailov.

The quality of the G‑Core Labs CDN service was on par with global companies, and the final price was significantly lower.

GetCourse co-owner and managing partner

Sergei Mikhailov

“We managed to find an acceptable option that allowed us to save money and maintain the quality of the services provided to our clients”

GetCourse co-owner and managing partner

Sergei Mikhailov

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