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Video streaming for Europe in 1 hour: the case of

Posted: 26.04.2021 is a platform through which organizers, brands, and viewers can attend events and communicate in real time, regardless of COVID-19 restrictions. Event participants can listen to each other and communicate in the same ways as during concerts, lectures, or offline exhibitions.

The task customers are located in different countries in Eastern Europe. To unite all participants on one website, an infrastructure with a wide network and excellent connectivity was needed.

For a long time, technical specialists used the services of American providers, but they didn’t have decent infrastructures in the target European locations.

On the eve of the next major broadcast, set themselves the task of improving the quality of their service and finding a vendor with a wide network in Europe.

Why they chose G‑Core Labs Streaming Platform

“Streaming is a fundamental part of our platform,” says Alexey Anipchenko, CTO at “It’s important for us to get stable operation under dynamic load and broadcast events with the best quality around the world.”

To solve this task, the organizers of online events turned to G-Core Labs.

“The G-Core Labs streaming platform is integrated with a CDN, and this gave us the opportunity to broadcast our events around the world without any delays,” added Alexey Anipchenko.

Платформа StreamWorks

An important technical advantage

Another important factor was the instant integration of the G-Core Labs service with the platform.

CTO at

Alexey Anipchenko

“G-Core Labs services are convenient and intuitive. We figured out how to work with the service in no time and set up video streams in an hour. Everything worked right away without any extra effort or calls to customer support!”

CTO at

Alexey Anipchenko

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Why choose G-Core Labs Streaming Platform?

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