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How we brought Joom’s online store back to millions of buyers

Posted: 12.12.2018

How G‑Core Labs brought Joom’s online store back to millions of buyers

Joom is a popular online marketplace specializing in the delivery of Chinese goods; “the best of China” across the globe. Trading in products of similar quality than what can be found on & Aliexpress.

According to Google, Joom became the most popular application for purchasing goods from China in 2016.

According to rankings by App Annie, in 2017, Joom made it to the top three most popular shopping apps in Russia based upon the number of unique downloads.

In just two years, Joom has expanded its customer base to over 100 million subscribers.

The challenge

On April 16, 2018, Roskomnadzor (Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Telecom, Information Technologies and Mass Communications in Russian Federation) began to block Telegram messenger in Russia.

At the same time the federal agency blocked 1.8 million IP addresses coming via CloudFront, a content delivery network offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), which resulted in “innocent” websites becoming unavailable in the Russian territories.

Joom happened to be among the thousands of affected sites.

Joom therefore needed to find a quick and reliable alternative to AWS CloudFront, to continue its operations in Russia and CIS regions.

CTO of Joom

Ilya Rubin

“We needed a local provider that did not fall under Roskomnadzor blockings. In addition, we did not want to lose the quality of content delivery and bear any additional costs for infrastructure.
We have reviewed several proposals available in the market. Our partners recommended turning to G‑Core Labs. And after testing the service we chose them”

CTO of Joom

Ilya Rubin

The goals

  • Ensure the stability of their online operations (CDN) in Russia and CIS regions.
  • Competitive infrastructure costs with superior quality.
  • Ensure supply of current infrastructure capacity but also taking into consideration future expansion of business & scalability requirements.

The results

Joom has millions of customers all around the world, with the majority located in Russia and CIS countries. The blocking of AWS CloudFront IP addresses negatively affected the online operations, meaning trade ceased. Joom needed a new hosting partner FAST!

CTO of Joom

Ilya Rubin

“We have been using G‑Core Labs as the main provider for CDN in Russia since April 2018. High speed of delivering content to users, great prices and responsive technical support are the key to successful cooperation. We have never regretted this choice”

CTO of Joom

Ilya Rubin

Since April 2018, all the static content from Joom’s website, for customers based in Russia and the CIS regions have been distributed through G‑Core Labs’ CDN service. Since then, there has not been a single incident or failure in the delivery of service.

About Joom

Joom is an online store specializing in the delivery of Chinese goods across the globe.

Since 2016, more than 100 million people have become Joom customers. The online platform processes up to 1 million orders daily.

Joom sends more than 10 aircrafts with orders from Hong Kong and mainland China to 50 countries of the world daily!

In October 2018, the online store started delivering goods to Russia via its own logistics company, Joom Logistics. That allowed to reduce the time of delivery to major cities from 7 to 5 days.

Joom offices are located in Russia, Latvia, Hong Kong and the United States.

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