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How we ensured smooth LPmotor service operation for 306,300 users

Posted: 13.04.2018

LPmotor is a site builder that helps entrepreneurs launch a landing page or an online store in just one day, take orders, manage advertising and track sales statistics.

By using the site builder you can create any number of sites for free without any restrictions in functionality. However, releasing the site to the web is a paid option.

Why the available capacity was not enough?

In the second year of service the hosting could no longer cope with the influx of new customers. LPmotor then decided to reduce the load on the infrastructure and improve service availability by using CDN in all regions of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

Why did LPmotor choose us?

After extensively testing the performance of different CDN providers, LPmotor's CTO chose G‑Core Labs.

The advantages we offered were better performance in Russia, an own network, competent technical support, the ability for rapid growth in the CIS countries. We have not only increased download speed, but also broadened the geographical reach. Thanks to global coverage of our network, we have reduced the load on LPmotor origin servers.

Over the four years that the service exists the number of LPmotor customers has increased to 306,300 users. They have already created more than 666,800 sites, and we are responsible for the rapid availability of those sites.

CEO at LPmotor

Alexander Starolat

“Thanks to G‑Core Labs, we have been able to solve all the problems with the load distribution across data storage. After connecting to a third-party infrastructure the service has become more stable and resilient. If the number of requests on our website keeps growing, we believe that G‑Core Labs will distribute the load across their servers competently and transparently for the users”

CEO at LPmotor

Alexander Starolat

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