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How an evolving video ad network can handle a growing load: the case of MoeVideo

Posted: 23.04.2021
MoeVideo is one of the largest Russian video networks, uniting 17,000 partner sites, through which more than 10 billion advertising inventories* pass monthly to more than 212 million unique users. * Advertising inventory is an advertising space that is provided by a platform (publisher) to an advertiser for placing advertising creatives.

The company works with both publishers and advertisers through its own partner agencies Red Digital and Get Digital. Publishers using the partner program can make money on their content by publishing ads.

The platform’s capacities are used to place video ads by telecommunications companies, the largest advertising holdings in Russia and the CIS, e-commerce companies, major players in the real estate market, and many others.

The task

Considering the colossal monthly volumes of video ads passing through the MoeVideo platform, the company needed the most reliable infrastructure capable of handling loads of any complexity. It was also important to ensure content delivery to hundreds of millions of users worldwide.

In 2017, MoeVideo management needed to transfer its own capacities to a reliable partner.

“Our company was growing, and our needs increased accordingly. In particular, the number of servers used by us grew exponentially,” says Vasily Khusainov, executive director of MoeVideo. “Our servers at the time existed on completely different hosting services, each of which had limited capabilities either in terms of the personal account functionality or in terms of payment methods, but most often there were all the problems at once.”

All this imposed technical restrictions on business development and didn’t allow for effective management of their servers. Without solving these basic tasks, it was impossible to expand the customer base or master and implement new technologies for MoeVideo customers.

The need emerged to find a hosting provider who would provide the company with a reliable and streamlined infrastructure.

CEO of MoeVideo

Vasily Khusainov

“We were looking for a partner who could offer us competent management of all our servers, a well-developed infrastructure, advanced features for personal accounts, and flexible pricing, as well as customization of the payment system that would fit our own business processes. On top of that, we needed geo-distributed servers, a convenient hosting management system, and fast delivery and upgrades of the new equipment.”

CEO of MoeVideo

Vasily Khusainov

Why was the G‑Core Labs hosting service chosen?

MoeVideo had been looking for a partner for a long time. They had tested the different approaches of other hosting companies but couldn’t find a solution that would meet all the requirements.

“We tested the services of various European and Russian providers but didn’t find the perfect solution. Then our colleagues recommended G‑Core Labs,” says Vasily Khusainov. “And this service turned out to be exactly what we were looking for! Now we’re actively using the rented physical servers and testing cloud solutions.”

MoeVideo hosting requirements

  • Developed infrastructure
  • Flexible pricing
  • Competent and careful management of dozens of servers worldwide
  • Adequate management
  • The ability to test new of G‑Core Labs features among the first

Our results

G‑Core Labs specialists perfectly coped with the tasks set by MoeVideo: they established convenient and efficient communication between the provider and the company’s own specialists, ensured the stable operation of the system, and organized the fastest possible delivery of new machines.

CEO of MoeVideo

Vasily Khusainov

“Since the beginning of our cooperation, our capacity has grown from 5 to over 40 machines. Over the years of cooperation, there has never been a serious equipment downtime, and we can safely recommend the services of G‑Core Labs."

CEO of MoeVideo

Vasily Khusainov

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