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The PlayFlock Company has chosen G‑Core Labs to deliver content to customers in 165 countries

Posted: 27.12.2017

The PlayFlock Company has chosen G‑Core Labs to deliver content to customers in 165 countries.

"G‑Core Labs is the best solution for deploying content outside Russia"

Andrey Yakshin

Head of the system
management department


The company develops applications for social networks, Android, and iOS.


The PlayFlock Company was founded in 2009 as a developer of apps for social networks.

During their first year, the company launched more than ten applications for VKontakte, My World, and Odnoklassniki. Among them the following applications have become the most popular: FriendVille, Drunken Bartender, and Gold Rush.

At the same time, the company also developed a MMORPG browser game—13th Race. In 2012, PlayFlock won a contract for developing the Hydroenergetics education application for JSC RusHydro.

The company’s new games (Insanity, Day X, and Inferno) succeeded on Russian social networks in 2012 and were eventually introduced on Facebook. Thus, the company has entered the international market.

Indy Cat, which is the most recent game developed by the company, has become a revolution for PlayFlock. The game has grown very fast and soon become the best application on the VKontakte and Odnoklassniki social networks.


Currently, the summary user audience of the company totals over 51 million people. More than three million people from 165 countries play PlayFlock games each day. With more than 13 million players monthly.

The large audience of the company and high growth rates attracted advertisers. PlayFlock has already cooperated with Pantene, Head&Shoulders, Braun, and Pepsi. They are about to work with other world companies and develop applications for Android and iOS with new branding capabilities.

Together with launching applications on Facebook, the company started working with content delivery networks (CDN). Project scaling required high speed deployment of their content globally. The service cost and presence in the target foreign regions were the key points when choosing a solution provider.

G‑Core Labs offered the best cost/presence ratio.


As a result of integrating into the G‑Core Labs network, the PlayFlock Company reduced the cost of content delivery abroad by 20%.

The first two months of cooperation convinced them that the network is 100%-% reliable.

Head of the system management department

Andrey Yakshin

“Previously, we worked with other service providers. When we switched to G‑Core Labs, we did not test the network speed. We only analyzed related indicators: conversion and feedback from users. These indicators remained high. We faced no technical issues during the entire period of our cooperation”

Head of the system management department

Andrey Yakshin

G‑Core Labs

Why G‑Core Labs?

  • Over 50 nodes щт 4 continents
  • The average server latency is below 30 ms
  • ISP license and 2,800 P2P partners
  • Advanced functions: HTTP/2, REST API, Origin Shield
  • IPv6, Instant Purge, Prefetch, HTTP-rules
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Prioritization of customer traffic
  • Detailed statistics available in real time
  • Reliable technical support 24/7/365

G‑Core Labs — provides top-notch web services featuring advanced functions and security.

We have developed smart and efficient products for any requirements of the modern web: CDN, hosting, content storage and protection from cyber threats, streaming broadcasts, and cloud solutions (coming soon).

The company was founded in 2011 by experts in development and support of high-loaded systems.

The unique infrastructure featuring 37 nodes located on four continents ensures perfect performance.

In 2013, our infrastructure got into The Guinness Book of World Records (Most Players Online Simultaneously on one MOG Server). We had 190,541 online gamers simultaneously on one MOG server.

In 2014, our network served up 1,114,000 online gamers simultaneously.

In 2017, we acquired the SkyparkCDN Company and achieved the best CDN performance in Russia and the CIS region (according to the comparison test results conducted by

Our strategical goal is to enter the Top 5 global web services. G‑Core Labs is headquartered in Luxembourg, with offices in Moscow, Minsk, and Perm.

VP Products at G‑Core Labs


“We never cease to move forward expanding our network: each month we supplement our nodes with new cities and countries”

VP Products at G‑Core Labs


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