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How we helped the Tatar Philharmonic organize a virtual concert hall

Posted: 04.09.2020
The Tatar State Philharmonic Hall, named after Gabdulla Tukai, is one of the largest concert organizations in the Republic of Tatarstan and Kazan. Established in 1937.

The creation of the Philharmonic Hall marked a new era in the development of the national musical culture. From that moment on, the process of purposeful improvement of the performing culture of Tatar singers and musicians began.
  • Год основания: 2000, Москва

    August 21, 1937

  • Штаб-квартира: Казань, Россия

    Kazan, Russia

  • Сфера: Культура и развлечения

    Culture and entertainment

  • Сайт


  • CDN

    Streaming Platform

Today, the Tatar Philharmonic unites several highly professional groups that promote both academic genres of world musical classics and classical examples of multinational musical folklore.

During a season, the Philharmonic holds more than 800 concerts for half a million spectators, including those abroad.

Why did the Philharmonic Hall need a streaming platform?

Interest in the work of the Philharmonic is constantly growing, and in the spring of 2020, the management decided to increase its coverage by publishing recordings of concerts on a website. There were two options: to use their own hosting service or a third-party solution. When choosing a vendor, the Philharmonic’s technical specialists set a number of requirements:

  • — Vast server network

  • — Easy connection and management

  • — Well-known and reputable companies among the provider’s customers

programmer of the IT department of the Tatar Philharmonic

Egor Glebets

“The G‑Core Labs service pleased us with the stability of work and a convenient control panel. We no longer put load on our own servers and the internet channel, as we delegated this aspect to professionals. In the meantime, we started developing a new media portal where we’ll publish performances of our creative teams”

programmer of the IT department of the Tatar Philharmonic

Egor Glebets

Five reasons why G‑Core Labs Streaming Platform was chosen

  1. Thanks to the technology of video delivery via CDN with more than 60 points of presence all over the world, the Philharmonic now has the opportunity to broadcast recordings of concerts in Full HD.

  2. Spectators can now watch concerts both on big screens or on smartphones, even with an unstable internet connection.

  3. The HTML5 player has been seamlessly integrated into the website.

  4. The cost of streaming has been reduced significantly in comparison with other similar solutions.

  5. The quality of service is monitored by 24/7 technical support.

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