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How we integrated video streaming into an event constructor: the case of TELLSY

Posted: 24.04.2021
TELLSY is a web application for preparing and hosting online, offline, and hybrid events. The name reflects the product’s concept of Tell + See. Users see what the speaker says on the screen and can instantly react to it

TELLSY has everything required for that:

  • Division into groups

    Division into groups

  • Voting


  • Surveys


  • Quizzes


  • Brainstorming


  • Timers


  • Role-playing games

    Role-playing games

  • User activity analytics tools

    User activity analytics tools

TELLSY organizes turnkey events of various formats for large Russian companies and event agencies.


Why TELLSY needs a streaming platform

In 2018, when the application started to be developed, the transition to an online format was not yet considered a priority task and took place gradually. Everything changed in the spring of 2020 when offline activities were canceled, and demand skyrocketed for online event hosting services without complex preparation.

At that time, the TELLSY team’s priority task was to expand the web application functionality; they needed a tool for high-quality and stable video streaming.


Ksenia Egoshina

“The lack of video streaming in the event constructor turned out to be a very serious disadvantage when the lockdown happened. We didn’t have time to develop it ourselves, and we decided to follow the path of the constructor to the end. But we needed to embed a third-party video stream into the application. So we were looking for a good and reliable partner with experience working on similar projects.”


Ksenia Egoshina


Why TELLSY chose the G‑Core Labs Streaming Platform

“We analyzed the market for this kind of service,” says Ksenia Egoshina. “We compared the offers of different video stream providers. G‑Core Labs was ahead in all parameters: user-friendliness, favorable conditions, and excellent technical support.”

In light of new realities, TELLSY changed its approach to organizing events and made online work more comfortable for all participants with the help of G‑Core Labs.


Improvements to the TELLSY web application implemented thanks to our Streaming Platform

  • Automation of the video stream functionality
  • Audience activity analysis in real time and reporting immediately after events
  • Saving time and money on in-house development
  • Integrated turnkey video streams with highly qualified technical support
  • Creation of more comfortable conditions for live communication

How we integrated video calls into TELLSY without coding

The integration is done by adding iframe for the website. A player for sharing video content is inserted by specifying a link to the player’s iframe, or by sending the original stream with a video broadcast.

How to integrate the G‑Core Labs video call service into your website for free

<iframe allow="fullscreen; display-capture; camera; microphone" src="" width="700” height="800"></iframe>

Test our Streaming Platform usability and advanced functionality, or start with a free consultation.

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