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How we integrated G-Core Labs CDN into Yandex.Cloud

Posted: 13.12.2021
Yandex, one of the largest IT companies in Russia and worldwide, introduced Yandex.Cloud in 2018. Yandex.Cloud is a public cloud platform that provides corporations, medium-sized business, and private developers with scalable infrastructure, data storage services, machine learning tools, and development tools. Since its launch, the platform has doubled in size. More than 10,000 companies use cloud services every day.
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About Yandex.Cloud CDN

At the beginning of 2021, the company launched the Yandex Cloud CDN content delivery service. This summer, the project entered the Preview stage.

The Yandex.Cloud CDN helps speed up the delivery of static content, increase user loyalty, and improve SEO, as well as providing solutions to two problems faced by every web service:

  • 1.To partially transfer the load from data sources to CDN servers
  • 2.To reduce the time required to deliver content to end users

A service of this magnitude required a powerful infrastructure.

The goal

Yandex.Cloud needed to launch the CDN service in the shortest time possible without having to build and maintain its own server infrastructure. Since building a network from scratch is a time-consuming and expensive process, the company’s technical specialists decided to find a partner with a ready-to-use and tested product and integrate it into other Yandex.Cloud services.

Head of Object Storage Service for Yandex.Cloud and Internal Storage Systems at Yandex

Mikhail Kostin

“We’ve been studying the global CDN vendor market for a long time. We had strict requirements for a future partner, one of which was the availability of a convenient reseller API, which would allow for quick and convenient integration into the system. Not every provider could offer such functionality, but without it, our cooperation could not take place. We analyzed the global service provider market and selected G-Core Labs. They gave us both the tools we needed and great coverage in Russia, the CIS, and worldwide”

Head of Object Storage Service for Yandex.Cloud and Internal Storage Systems at Yandex

Mikhail Kostin

The results

“The Yandex.Cloud CDN service is being implemented and general access to it is not yet available, but already there are initial users with good traffic consumption. Without the high-quality product we have received from G-Core Labs, it would have been impossible to launch Yandex.Cloud CDN in such a short time,” Mikhail Kostin concluded.

Yandex.Cloud now plans to increase the CDN service’s user capacity. G-Core Labs provides every opportunity to promote the new service.

Why G‑Core Labs

  • Convenient Reseller CDN API
  • Wide network coverage around the world
  • Low latency in content delivery
  • Competent and courteous technical support
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