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  • Reduced Response Time in Vietnam
    Posted: 02.11.2017

    When we choose the improvement to be done first, we keep in mind commercial interests of our clients. Therefore, high performance in Asia is one of the main tasks for G-CDN strategy.

  • The fastest in Korea
    Posted: 07.08.2017

    The new Seoul location, opened in early July, pleases our customers and impresses us with its performance. Comparative Cedexis test confirms that G-CDN performance has surpassed CDN leaders in South Korea.

  • New nodes in Asia: Hong Kong, Tokyo and Seoul
    Posted: 22.06.2017

    Great news! In June and July, we launched two key nodes in Asia: in Hong Kong, Tokyo and Seoul. New points of presence extend the opportunities of our customers in delivering content in Japan, China, Vietnam and Taiwan.