• Black Friday: CDN for free and servers at half price
    Posted: 20.11.2017

    Up to a 50% discount for servers in Ekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk, Ashburn, and Seoul. Through November 30, we offer dedicated servers in Ekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk, and Ashburn (the USA) at half price, and in Seoul (Korea) at a 25% discount.

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  • Reduced Response Time in Vietnam
    Posted: 02.11.2017

    When we choose the improvement to be done first, we keep in mind commercial interests of our clients. Therefore, high performance in Asia is one of the main tasks for the G-CDN strategy.

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  • Superior performance in the US
    Posted: 30.10.2017

    We have improved the performance of our CDN in the USA. G-Core Labs network engineers have reduced server response time from 65 ms to 42 ms within the year.

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  • 7 Useful Options for Content Protection
    Posted: 18.10.2017

    A modern CDN service is not only global coverage, good connectivity, excellent performance and convenient control panel.

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  • Updated content delivery option: Always Online
    Posted: 13.10.2017

    Each service, hosting provider or online store can face interruptions in operation. Therefore, the server can be unavailable.

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  • New Option for Content Protection: Access-Control-Allow-Origin Header
    Posted: 13.09.2017

    By the request of the popular video hosting, we added a new content protection option to our control panel. Its competitors copied and used unique video content in players on their websites.

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  • Control Traffic Consumption
    Posted: 29.08.2017

    It's become easier to plan your monthly budget. By your requests, we added a new feature Control Traffic Consumption. It helps to set the traffic consumption level and we will notify you when traffic usage meets this level.

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  • Shalom, Tel Aviv!
    Posted: 17.08.2017

    Our fast-growing content delivery network introduces a new PoP in Israel. This is the 37th G-CDN point of presence and the 2nd node in the strategically important MENA region with a population of 355 million people.

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  • Status Page
    Posted: 14.08.2017

    Important and pleasant news: we launched Status Page.
    This page shows the network status in real time. We think that transparency is important. That is why we want you to be informed of our maintenance.

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  • The fastest in Korea
    Posted: 07.08.2017

    The new Seoul location, opened in early July, pleases our customers and impresses us with its performance. The comparative cedexis.com test confirms: in South Korea G-CDN performance has surpassed CDN leaders.

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