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3 reasons to have a hot backup
How disaster recovery works
Creating a backup

A hot backup is created in our cloud (a backup copy of your data being in constant use). A Backup with a selected RPO* is created in the background and does not affect the performance of your system.

* RPO (recovery point objective) — the acceptable time period in which data might be lost.

We guarantee RPO starting from 5 minutes.

Automatic recovery

In the event of accidents and failures, the load is automatically transferred to the backup copy of your infrastructure. This is done within the minimum time period defined by RTO*.

* RTO (recovery time objective) — the acceptable time period for the data recovery.

We guarantee RTO starting from 3 minutes.

The recovery is available for any cloud platform
Replicate any business applications
Advantages of our solution
Protect your business IT infrastructure from downtime in the event of failures and crashes.