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REGULAR VDS KVM-SAS, Europe, Luxembourg

PlanvCPURAMStorageBandwidthPrice, €/month
KVM-SAS-11512 MB40 GB200 Mbit/s3.25Order
KVM-SAS-211 GB60 GB200 Mbit/s4.95Order
KVM-SAS-322 GB100 GB200 Mbit/s8.99Order
KVM-SAS-424 GB200 GB200 Mbit/s14.99Order
KVM-SAS-528 GB400 GB200 Mbit/s25Order
KVM-SAS-6716 GB800 GB200 Mbit/s36Order
KVM-SAS-7832 GB1200 GB200 Mbit/s60Order

Virtual dedicated server (VDS) with SAS storage

KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) — hardware virtualization technology, allows you to create on the host machine full virtual analogue of the physical server. KVM allows you to create completely isolated from the "neighbors" virtual server with its own operating system kernel, the user can customize and modify to suit your needs without any restrictions. Each such server is allocated its own area in the RAM and hard disk space, a private network card, which increases the overall reliability of the operation of the server.
Group of KVM-SAS tariff plans built on the basis of the traditional HDD (SAS) with the use of SSD drives (for caching). Virtual KVM-SAS servers have the optimal speed of the disk subsystem IO and the large volume disk.

A virtual server is a democratic version of a dedicated server. Access by SSH gives you complete freedom: install the necessary software, run any number of sites. Can be installed on any operating system of choice (Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, Windows Server, Solaris).

Extra option

OptionPrice, €/month
Additional IPv4 address (1 included, 10 maximum)2
Additional IPv6 address (1 included, 10 maximum)0.16