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Earn more with G-Stream
How does it work?

To allow embedding ads into a video stream support for recognition and replacement of advertising unit by DTMF/SCTE-35 advertising signals within the stream is available.

Broadcasting ads can be replaced with Internet advertising by labels or according to a schedule in HLS, MPEGTS, MPEGDASH chunks, and also VAST/VPAID module can be loaded in the frame with the player.

How does it work?
Favorable for any online entertainment

G-Stream media platform makes it easier to reduce costs and earn more money for:

  • TV channels

    TV channels

  • online cinemas

    online cinemas

  • radio stations

    radio stations

  • news portals

    news portals

  • online casinos

    online casinos

  • bookmakers


  • virtual concert promoters

    virtual concert promoters

  • video bloggers

    video bloggers

Connect G-Stream and start earning more.