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The advantages of our protection
Whom have we already protected against DDoS attacks?
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  • Web application DDoS protection Web application DDoS protection
  • Hosting server DDoS protection Hosting server DDoS protection
Additional protection features
For all
Issue and automatic extension of SSL-certificates

Releasing and automatically renewing SSL certificates for your domains using Let's Encrypt.

$6 per certificate
Only with PRO and Enterprise plans
Bot protection

Protecting your website from parsing or brute force.

$12 per 1 Mbps
HTTPS filtering without disclosing the keys

Providing HTTPS support without transferring the crypto key to us.

$125 per web resource
Application load balancer

Configuring the balance between application back-ends.

$150 per web resource
Web application firewall (WAF)

Protecting websites from hackers using application-layer cloud-based firewall screen.

$1,000 per web resource
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