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Protection from DDoS attacks and malicious bots without sacrificing legitimate API traffic

Organizations are deploying Application Program Interface (API) endpoints at an ever-increasing rate to keep up with the demands of mobile applications, server-to-server communication and micro service requirements. This creates a broader attack surface that is increasingly a target for savvy threat actors and malicious botnets.

API endpoints have become the weakest link; securing them is difficult because they are intended for non-human consumption. Traditional methods, such as IP rate limiting, are not truly effective. Threat actors can easily use a large number of hosts to launch an attack, rendering rate limiting obsolete.

How It Works
Integration stages with patent-pending advanced API protection:
Goes Beyond Traditional Solutions
IP Rate Limiting is not enough.

Unlike traditional API protection solutions which simply rely on IP rate limiting and basic DDoS protection techniques, API Protection uses advanced algorithms to vet API requests, determine legitimacy and eliminate API attacks at the edge of the network. API Protection blocks malicious activity allowing for only authorized traffic to pass through seamlessly. API Protection is designed to work with both authenticated and un-authenticated API calls and provides protection against dictionary attacks, Layer 3/4/7 DDoS attacks, API malicious usage, automated API scraping, and API hijacking.

Goes Beyond Traditional Solutions