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What do businesses get from comprehensive bot protection?
How can bots harm your business?
  • Slowing down your website 01
  • Account hacking and bank card fraud 02
  • Advertisement fraud 03
  • Content theft 04
  • Parsing for the competition 05
  • Scalping 06
  • Corrupted analytics 07
  • Lost sales 08

Bots (both useful and harmful) generate an average of 50% of your web traffic, with peak numbers reaching 60-70%. To process all this traffic, serious investment into infrastructure is needed.

By using stolen databases with millions of login and password combinations, bots may gain access to your resources.

As a result, by hacking accounts, violators can acquire credit card data and resell it. Or they can perpetrate fraud with coupons or credits on the accounts of your clients whose credentials have been forged.

Suppose you use paid traffic to attract clients. Are you sure that the traffic you paid for is generated by real humans and can be converted into sales? Since bots generate about 50% of the world's web traffic, it's possible that the better half of traffic you're buying is advertising fraud.

Articles, prices, merchandise descriptions, comments, infographics, and photos are valuable content. They generate sales, improve the image of your brand, and boost search results. It's in the best interests for any business to spread this content as widely as possible, but only on your own terms and under your name.

Unprotected content will in all likelihood be copied by bots. It might be used for competitive intelligence, data aggregation, or the creation of new businesses based on your information. Also, it might be resold by content services and integrated into commercial analytics services.

Without reliable protection, parsers freely gather information (e.g. about prices) from your website or mobile app to supply your competitors with data.

Let's say you offer limited-issue goods (tickets to events, special issues, etc.). By utilizing their speed, bots are able to purchase these goods at a lower price instead of your clients. Later those goods are resold with a substantial margin. Such situations can significantly harm your reputation.

Your metrics are crucial in optimizing your conversion and increasing UI efficiency. But if you can't distinguish between bot traffic and user traffic, you're analyzing corrupted data.

Bots can disrupt the sales process on your website. They might fill up carts with goods that will never be bought to make them unavailable to your customers. This leads to stock build-up while your clients can't buy anything.


We'll block all unwanted bot-generated traffic. Your website and API will be utilized by real users only.

We'll block the bots that try to determine logins/passwords to get access to your system.

We'll clean up paid traffic so that you can analyze the sources of low-quality traffic and optimize your marketing budget.

We'll block parser bots and protect your content from automatic copying.

We'll block parser bots and protect your data from competitors and aggregators.

We guarantee that your merchandise will actually go into the hands of the people who it's meant for.

We'll clean your figures of irrelevant bots.

We'll shut down manipulations using fake purchases to protect your sales.

Advantages of our technology
Which businesses need bot protection?

Today, all Internet businesses are under threat: websites and services, API, mobile apps, payment systems. But lately, popular web stores and media resources have been the ones who most often ask us for bot protection.

Enable bot protection to make your website always online, your content protected, and your business flourishing.

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