Settings.Change basic account settings

To configure the hosting Control Panel, go to the Client section.


Basic settings

User settings


You can change your hosting account password in this section.


Note that you can not use these credentials to access the server panel.

Restrict access to the Control Panel

You can restrict access to the Control Panel by specifying the list of IP addresses from which the access should be allowed. To do this, select Only IP addresses from the list in the Access to control panel field. Enter the IP addresses in the field below.


Be careful when using this option! If you have a dynamically changing IP address, you can lose access to the Control Panel.

Also, you can bind access to the Control Panel to the IP address you had during the registration process. To do this, check the box next to the Bind session to IP field.


Display settings

You can choose which section of the Control Panel will be displayed as the start page. To do this, in the Start page field choose one of the suggested pages.


It is also possible to slightly change the appearance of some pages, to configure the display of hints and notifications about the presence of unsaved changes on the page.


Email notifications

You can choose whether you want to receive the following notifications:

  • GeoIP notifications
  • Successful login notification



To enable two-factor authorization when you sign in, scan the generated QR code in the Google Authenticator application. Follow the instructions on the screen of your smartphone.


Email subscription settings

You can unsubscribe from the following automatic system notifications:

  • Financial notifications
  • Newsletters
  • Services notifications
  • Support Center notifications


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