Configure user rights

In the Control Panel, you can set the user rights, allowing or denying them access to the different sections and restricting the execution of operations.

To switch to the access rights editing mode, go to Client - Users. Select the user and click Perm. 


Rights are grouped by sections. In each section, you can give a user permission to edit forms and view data.

Double-click the attribute to configure the further rights.

To activate access to a subsection of the Control Panel, select the line with the desired attribute and click Enable in the top menu.


To remove the access permission select the string and click Disable in the top menu.

Full and restricted user rights

To give the user full rights, choose the user you need in the Users section, then click Edit.

Tick the Full access permissions and press Ok.


Note, that if the user has Full access permissions you will not be able to restrict his rights in Perm. section.

User blocking

You can restrict the access to the Control Panel for a certain user. Choose the user and then click Disable. 


If the blocked user tries to login to the Control Panel, they will get "Invalid username or password" error. 

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