What virtual server is

A virtual server is a democratic version of a dedicated server. Access by SSH gives you complete freedom: install a necessary software, run any number of sites. Can be installed on any operating system of the following: Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, Windows Server, Solaris. KVM-SSD tariffs are balanced in their characteristics for solving a variety of tasks facing you.

KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) — virtualization technology in Linux, for VDS hosting. The advantages of KVM VPS are reliability, guaranteed allocation of resources, access to a server through the VNC, as well as an ability to install any operating system without any restrictions. KVM allows you to create completely isolated from "neighbors" virtual server with its own operating system kernel, a user can customize and modify to suit your needs without any restrictions. Every server is allocated its own area in the RAM and hard disk space, a private network card, that increases an overall reliability of a server operation.
SSD — solid state disk, which are compared with traditional SAS can deliver up to 100 times better performance, near-instant access to files and quick loading of the operating system.

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