Integration with CDN. Integrate CDN with a site.

As soon as you created a CDN Resource you need to change a website HTML code to deliver your static assets through the CDN.

Click Setup Instructions tab in a CDN Resource Settings.


Manual Integration

To deliver files through the CDN, replace your domain name with the CNAME in static files URLs.

Look how to configure a CNAME record as your CDN content can be accessed only via a CNAME.

An example of integration with the G-Core CDN


<img src="" />


<img src="" />

The same example can be applied to other types of static files, such as CSS, JS,  SWF and so on.

Please note that you cannot use CDN URL ( in URLs for your static files. CDN will not work with URLs like this one <img src="" />

CMS Integration

Some CMS like Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla, have plugins for CDN integration.



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