Players: configure and customize your player

In the Players section, you can set up your player design.

Click on the Add player button to open the Player editor.


Specify a player name in the Name field. You can also leave it empty.

If the Autoplay option is active a video starts playing automatically once a website containing it is open.

If the Mute option is active video starts playing with the sound off.

Note! If both Autoplay and Mute are active only one is going to work. It depends on an end-user's browser policy.

Disable skin option hides the player control elements. Use it to create a video background for your website. 

Activate the Save user preferences option so the next time your users open the website they will see the same quality and sound settings they have had the previous time. Works until a browser cache gets cleared.

The Share video option adds a sharing button in the upper-right corner of the video for the users to post it to the social networks.

Enable Playback speed controls for the users to be able to slow down/speed up a VOD video/stream playback. 

To collect data on your viewers' actions in the player, activate the Enables Google Analytics option and specify your Google Analytics ID.

Use Logo and Logo position options to add a logo to your videos.

You can also change the colors of the player's elements:


You can create several players and assign them to different VOD videos and broadcasts:

  • find the player ID in the Players section


for a broadcast:

for a VOD video:


To set default players for live streams (Live player by default) and VOD videos (VOD player by default) go to the Players section and choose the players from the dropdown list


It is a paid feature. You can discuss the activation price with the account manager or send the request to the technical support via a live chat or at

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