Broadcasts. Create and manage a broadcast

A broadcast creation is the last step to deliver the content to the users. 

To create a broadcast a CDN-resource and one or more live-streams should be created. 

Broadcast creation

To create a broadcast:

1. Go to the Broadcasts section and click on the Create broadcast button in the upper right corner.


2. A new page for a broadcast creation will be opened.


3. In the Broadcast name field, type the broadcast name.

4. Then in the Status filed choose the broadcast status (by default it is set it as Live).


Broadcasts with a Live status are shown to end-users. If a broadcast has another status the end-users will only see the notification message in the player:

  • Broadcast isn't started yet (for Waiting for launch).
  • Broadcast is finished (for Finished)
  • Broadcast is paused (for Paused).

Important! The message is shown in end-users' browsers once you change the broadcast status in the control panel and save the settings.

5. In the Shared URL field, you can add your own link, iframe or just text.


The specified text will be displayed in the Link field when a user clicks on Share in the player. A user will be able to copy the specified link or to click the social network icon and the specified in the Shared URL text will automatically be pasted in the future publication.


Important! If the Shared URL field is left blank, a link to your broadcast will automatically be added to the Link field in the player.


6. If you have previously added promotional videos to the Ads section, select the required ads from the drop-down list. You can read how to add and configure ads in the Ads article.


Important! Choose Default parameter for creation a broadcast without ads.

7. If you have custom players, choose a required one from a drop-down list if needed.


Important! Choose Default parameter for creation a broadcast with a standard player.

8. To the broadcast a screensaver can be added. Click Select image to choose the image from your computer.


9. Move the required stream(s) from Available streams to Selected streams. To do it, use pointers.


If you add several streams to your broadcast the end-users would be able to switch between them by clicking on the camera icon.

To check it, go to the demonstration page.


To set the default stream add it to the Selected Streams list and click on the Create button. Then get back to the broadcast settings and add other streams.

10. Once you save the updates new sections will appear — Export and Statistics. 


Export tab

____________.pngOn the left, the current state of the broadcast is displayed.

On the right is located the embed code for the site. Click Copy to copy and use the generated iframe for embedding into the site code.

If you want to get a direct link to the stream, copy the iframe part starting https: //


Statistics tab

Track metrics of broadcast views, user geography, and devices used for watching the stream.


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