Connect S3 storage to CDN: create a CDN resource and request content from CDN

CDN Resource settings

Navigate to the CDN tab -> CDN Resources. Click on the «Create CDN Resource» button.


S3 storage supports both HTTP and HTTPS delivery. So choose any pull protocol you prefer.

Origin Source is your storage hostname, which can be found on the Storage tab -> Storages -> Details.


Read more about the personal domain setup in this article.

The Custom Host Header field is auto-filled. 


Request content from CDN

Use the following schema to request uploaded files:

<Custom Domain for CDN>/<bucket_name>/<file_name>


You've created a bucket — mybucket, and uploaded picture.png there:


CDN Custom Domain:

URL to request the file from CDN:

Important! By default, created buckets and all the stored files in buckets are private. To make a file public, read an article on acl and policy or official documentation.


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