Create your own rule template

Rule templates are sets of resource rule settings saved in a special section and available for creating rules for all account resources. 

You can use templates for quick configuration of CDN resource rules.


How to create a rule template

System templates of rules


How to create a rule template 

To create a rule template, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the Settings of any CDN resource.
  2. Select the Rules section.
  3. In the Templates section, click Create template.

  4. Add the necessary parameters and save the template.
  5. Now you can create Rules for any CDN resource from your own template.


System templates of rules 

In the templates list are already added system templates of rules. They are marked with the System label and are available to all users of the account. 

When creating a rule from such a template, you can change all the settings set in this template. 

System rule templates for configuring streaming via CDN are available: 

Playlists template (.m3u8) - a rule template for configuring playlist caching.

Video segments template (. ts) - a rule template for configuring chunk caching.

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