Check statistics on expenses in Customer reports

Customer reports contain statistics on expenses for Cloud platform services.

Statistics on expenses in the Cloud can be found in the "Customer reports" section.


The section generates a report on projects and resources that allows you to accurately forecast expenses.

 You can configure the filter by:

  • Project 
  • Region 
  • Resource type 


And by consumption period


Information is displayed in graphs separated by:

  • Total balance used 4.__________________.png5.____________2.png
  • Resource usage time in hours 6.____________________.png
  • In Gigabyte-hours by resources 7._______________.png
  • The total number of outbound gigabytes 8._____________.png
  • Hours of using different flavors 9.__________________.png
  • The number of outgoing traffic divided by VM 10._____________.png

To switch between charts, click the arrow to the right of the chart.

Under the graphical presentation, there is a table with a detailed report by resources consumed for the selected time period.


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