Tariff. Differences between KVM-SSD-0 and other virtual server tariffs

KVM-SSD-0 is a promo tariff set up to familiarize you with the service. It is cheaper than the others and has several restrictions.



Other tariffs

Minimum order period

3 months

1 month

How the server is paid after minimum order period

Monthly —  money for
the next month is charged
from the balance once a month

Daily — some of money is charged
from the balance every day in proportion to the price of the tariff
and the number of days in the month

If there are 30 days in a month,
1/30 of the tariff price is charged

How soon the server
will be deleted
if you don't pay for it

1 day after non-payment

14 days after non-payment

What internet traffic
is paid for



Incoming and outgoing
are consumed from
the traffic package
(1000GB are included
on KVM-SSD-0)

Outgoing is consumed
from the traffic package,
incoming is free

How many additional IPs you can buy

1 IPv4 and 1 IPv6 address

10 IPv4 and 10 IPv6 addresses

How many servers
with this tariff you can buy in one location

1 server


As many servers as you want


What currency
you can pay in


Rubles and euros
(the tariff is available
on "Джи-Кор Рус" and
"G-Core Labs" providers)

Rubles, euros and dollars
(tariffs are available
on "Джи-Кор Рус", “G-Core Labs”,
and "G-Core Labs usd" providers)

What template OS
can be installed


Any one except FreeBSD 12, CentOS 7 and CentOS 8

Installing these OS
requires 1GB RAM;
RAM size on KVM-SSD-0

On most tariffs — any one

An exception is KVM-SSD-1
and KVM-SAS-1 tariffs.
They have 512MB of RAM,
this is not enough to install
FreeBSD 12, CentOS 7 and CentOS 8

You will find all the tariffs on our website in the "Virtual Servers" section.

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