Roadmap. Open list of features we are developing now or are going to develop in near future

Roadmap is a page where you can find CDN project planned and released requests, with an option to provide feedback to developers and request some feature for an implementation.

You can get to the page from the control panel by clicking on the Roadmap ink.


You will see a list of requests divided by category:


In progress




How to leave a comment to a request

How to subscribe to request updates

How to create a request


How to leave a comment to a request

You can click on each request in the list to leave a comment


How to subscribe to request updates

You can subscribe to updates by clicking Notify me.


Enter your email and click Submit.




How to create a request

If you want to leave a request for some specific feature, click on the + New icon on the main page.


You will see a page with the request form. 

In the Title field, briefly state the essence of your wish.


In the Description field, you can describe in detail what do you want to see.


If you want to upload an image that will help you better describe your offer, click on the Upload button in the Image section


If you wish, you can fill out forms with your name and email address.

The name will be displayed under your offer, and the email is used to notify you of updates.

Check the "I give consent for Kampsite to display my name and send me updates via email" box and click the Submit button to send a request.


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