Create an account. Create a CDN account for an individual or legal entity

To sign up for the G-Core Labs services, go to our website and click on the Get started for free button.


Choose the CDN service from the list.


Create an account with Google, GitHub, or email.


If you choose the registration via email, the registration confirmation link will be sent to the specified email. The link will be active for 24 hours. Follow it to continue registration. 

Choose your tariff plan.


Choose and add a payment method.


Specify billing details. All fields are required. 

Confirm and start the trial.

For legal entities

The sign-up process was designed for individuals. They agree with the terms of the provided services and use a credit card or PayPal account as their payment method. If you are a legal entity and you don't have to sign a separate agreement with us you can finish the sign-up process and start using the services.

If you need to sign a contract reach us via chat or email to We will ask the sales department to get in touch with you. You can still finish up the sign-up process just to get access to the services while your contract is being prepared.

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