Video transcoding. Transcoding to the HLS protocol

We support uploading videos in almost any format: from standard mp4 to 4k HDR. 

Video is transcoded to get videos of lower quality and sent with adaptive streaming via CDN in HLS format. 

HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) is an adaptive protocol based on HTTP. It was developed by Apple for video streaming.

HLS functionality of delivering playlists and chunks increase the speed of downloading videos via CDN for end users.

How HLS works 

HLS splits the video into small fragments called chunks (mpeg-ts format), information about which is stored in a specially created file called manifest (m3u8 format). 

An application, e.g a browser, requests a manifest and sequentially plays the fragments that it contains. 

The video loads faster because it takes less time to download one small fragment than to download the entire file.

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