Create and integrate a CDN resource. For entire site

This type of resource will accelerate and protect the entire site using "CDN" and "DNS" services without having to change the site code.

Important! If one of the services ("DNS" or "CDN") stops working, the site will stop accelerating and working.

1. Go to your account of the "CDN" service, and click "Create CDN resource".


2. Select the type "Accelerate and protect entire site", and click "Confirm".


Note! For this type of site acceleration, the "DNS" service is required. If you have not yet activated "DNS", at this step it will be automatically activated with the tariff "Free". You can view the current tariffs of services in the "Billing" section.

3. Enter the name of the site that needs acceleration and protection. Click "Confirm".

In the "Description" field, you can provide an optional comment describing the resource. This comment will be displayed in the resource list. The maximum comment length is 512 characters.

4. Add DNS records.

At this step, the system looks for DNS records associated with the specified site. If DNS is configured for your site, the records will appear automatically — they will be loaded from the databases of your DNS provider. If it is not configured, records must be added manually. 

  • If DNS records are found, they will be displayed. You can edit them and add new ones. Click "Confirm" to go to the next step.

  • If no DNS records are found, a warning indicating that at least a root level A record must be added will appear. Add it.

You can add multiple records using the "Add DNS record" button. Any of them can be edited. Click "Confirm" to go to the next step.

5. Change nameservers.

If all the steps are completed successfully, at the "Change nameservers" step, a CDN resource and DNS zone will be automatically created for the site that you specified in the "Enter the name of the site" step.

Details of the CDN resource:

  • The site that you specified in the "Enter the name of the site" step is used as the custom domain.
  • The source is the IP address specified in the root level A record.

DNS zone details:

  • DNS records that were at the "Add DNS records" step are created in the DNS zone.

Note! If you are accelerating a site whose domain matches an existing DNS zone in the "DNS" service, this DNS zone will be used for settings. The zone is not duplicated.

To complete the site acceleration setup, log into your domain registrar account and replace the current nameservers with the G-Core Labs nameservers:


The nameservers can change after the article is published. The current servers are listed at Note: it can take up to 24 hours for the domain registrar to apply the changes.

Click "Confirm". The resource settings header will display the name of the associated DNS zone. If the zone is not delegated to G-Core Labs, a warning is displayed:


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