Create a live stream (new user interface) 

The article will help those who activated "Streaming" after January 31, 2022. If you have activated the service earlier, you interact with a different user interface and may refer to the following instructions: Create a live stream (old user interface), Create and configure live streaming (old user interface). 

To create a live stream: 

  1. Go to Streaming, find the Live Streaming section, click Start

  2. Click Create Live stream. In the window that appears, enter a name of your stream and click Create.


    If the button is un-clickable, you have reached your live stream limit. To create a new stream, delete an existing stream from the list, or just reconfigure its settings.


  3. Copy the Push URL from the next dialog window. It consists of a stream URL and an authorization key. 

    In the screenshot below, rtmp:// is the stream URL, while 1111?11111111 is the stream key.


  4. Open an encoder that you use for streaming: OBS, Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder or any other. Paste the previously copied URL and stream key into the streaming settings.

    If you use OBS, follow the instruction on how to add a URL in OBS.  

  5. Start a live stream in your encoder. If everything is configured correctly, a green circle will appear in settings next to the URL, and you will see a stream preview in the player.

  6. Copy the iframe code to embed the live stream in your website, or add a link to the stream in your own player. Now your viewers will see your stream.


Statistic data can only be collected, if you stream via our player. If you use your own player, the statistics page will be empty. 

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