Folders. Manage video folders (new user interface)

The article will help those who activated "Streaming" after January 31, 2022. If you have activated the service earlier, you interact with a different user interface. 

You can organize videos in folders. To create a folder, go to the "Folder" section, expand the drop-down menu and select "Create a new folder".


You can move a video from one folder to another or copy it to multiple folders. To move a video, go to its settings, check the required folders and click "Save".


By default, all videos are uploaded to the "All videos" folder. If you want to upload a video to a different folder, open this folder and click "Upload video" — a video will appear there. 


If you delete a folder, no video inside it will be deleted. All videos will automatically move to a default folder. To delete a folder, open it, click "Edit folder" and "Delete folder". 


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