Statistics. View statistics on videos, live streams and billing (new user interface)

The article will help those who activated "Streaming" after January 31, 2022. If you have activated the service earlier, you interact with a different user interface and may refer to the following instruction: View videos, broadcasts and playlists statistics.

Video and live streaming statistics  
Billing statistics 
CDN statistics 

Video and live streaming statistics  

Statistics data is collected only when you use the standard G-Core Labs player.  

The "Statistics" section shows information about videos and live streams: viewers, their browsers and operating systems, geography, popular videos (only for the "Video" section), as well as URLs of pages that host a player with your video. The statistic data is updated every five minutes and stored for one year. 

You can see statistics on all videos/live streams total or only on a single one. To see overall statistics: 

  1. Go to the "Statistics" section and select the subsection: "Video" or "Live streaming". 
  2. Select an interval (24 hours, 48 hours, week or month) and dates.
  3. Select a statistics parameter ("Viewers", "Browsers", "OS" or another).


"Viewers" is the number of viewers. We collect the following information about their behavior:  

    • "Uploads" shows how many times users opened a video or live stream page,  
    • "Starts" indicates how many times users clicked the "Play" button, 
    • "Viewers" specifies how many viewers have watched a video or a live stream for at least 5 seconds,
    • "Unique viewers" represents the number of unique viewers (we distinguish viewers using several parameters at once: an IP address, screen size, browser, and cookie). 

"Popular videos" (available only for videos) is a list of the most viewed videos. We consider only views that are longer than five seconds. 

"Browsers" shows statistics on browsers that your viewers use to watch your video/live stream.  

"OS" represents statistics on users' operating systems. 

"Hosts" contains static data on URL of requested pages. We consider only views that are longer than five seconds. The "" URL means a video was watched from a personal account.  

"Geography" is a map of the world that highlights countries in which your viewers watch videos/live streams for at least 5 seconds. A country is determined by a user's IP address. 

If you want to see statistics on a specific video or live stream, navigate to it and open the "Statistics" tab.


Billing statistics  

The "Billing" section displays statistics on resource consumption, that determines how much you will pay for the services of the "Streaming Platform". Billing terms is described in your plan.  

You can sort statistics by three parameters: 


The plan for one-time streaming counts the time used for transcoding, while the plan for 24-hour streaming considers the number of simultaneous live streams. The VoD plans calculate the total video size in storage at the peak moment of a month. For example: one day you upload 100 GB video, and the next day you upload 50 GB more, and then you delete 100 GB. You will be billed the amount for storing 150 GB video (the maximum value). 

CDN statistics 

Videos on demand and live streams are distributed via CDN resources. The Dashboard section displays CDN statistics: traffic, bandwidth, and response codes. For a detailed statistics on CDN resources, refer to the instruction: Reports. Check CDN resource reports

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